Submitting Scores

All scores should be submitted to the Information Desk at or before arrival time. All scores should have:

  • The bars clearly numbered
  • A SEPARATE COVER SHEET FOR EACH ITEM BEING PLAYED. Once you have completed your online Compere info you should be able to download a pre-filled cover sheet from your School Member Section with all the relevant details.
  • If you do not fill out the online Compere info you will need to Download and edit a Word Document cover sheet or a pdf below as well as fill out a Compere Info sheet on the day.
  • Bands performing in the Percy Grainger and Alex Lithgow Events must submit 2 copies, both with a cover sheet, of each score as there will be two adjudicators for the premier event.
  • Scores must be submitted on the day. Bring your marked up scores to the information desk in the foyer no later than your scheduled arrival time which is listed on the website.
  • There is no guarantee that scores submitted any later than your scheduled arrival time will reach the adjudicator.
  • MDs failing to submit scores for their performance will receive only a general evaluation from the adjudicator and may be excluded from receiving a Gold Award.

Please do not be offended if ASBOF volunteers refuse to accept your scores if they have not been presented as requested.