Program Information and Compere Notes (or video)

Program Notes: All ensembles should go online to submit their program information. This should include all the pieces they are playing, including title/composer/arranger details.

Compere Notes: These will be read out as the ensemble is setting up on stage. Compere notes may consist of any information about the ensemble program, the place of music within the school, any recent performances/tours or anything you think the audience would find interesting about the ensemble. You may wish to get creative and produce a video with this information (see below).

All ensembles should have their program information and compere notes entered at least 3 Days prior to their scheduled performance date.

Create a video for your Compere Notes/Ensemble Profile

You, or the creative students from your school, are invited to create a video profile of the ensemble which will be screened as the ensemble enters the stage. This option is only available for ensembles performing at the Clancy Auditorium.


If you wish to screen a video profile of your ensemble:

  • YOU MUST provide us with the finished product saved to a USB. Be sure to test this before submitting your video. We will not be in a position to convert any files on the day.
  • All videos will need to be STRICTLY under 90 seconds in duration. Videos will be faded out after 90 seconds.
  • Our compere will still introduce the Music Director once the video has finished.
  • All videos will need to be accompanied by a signed Principal’s Declaration (see below) to ensure that the relevant school authorities have approved the content. This declaration can be downloaded from the link on this page.
  • USBs must be handed in at the information desk in the foyer no later than your scheduled arrival time which is listed on the website.

Tap into the resources of your students

MDs – encourage the creative talents of the students within your schools/ensembles and save yourselves some time.

Have your students prepare your program notes. This is a useful way to have your students undertake some educationally valuable research about the composers and the pieces they are playing.  A simple cut and paste gets this info onto the site.

Many of your creative students are now equipped with simple-to-use recording technology which allows them to easily create a high quality audio visual production. Make use of this resource.

Be sure to include the Principal’s Declaration (see below) form with any video you submit.