Festival Entry Conditions

Please download the PDF at the bottom of the page for the Festival Music Entry Conditions.

Please Note: The Conditions outlined on this page are the Music Entry Conditions only. There is a separate set of Terms and Conditions covering broader aspects of the Festival (such at Use of Images, Child Safety, and Codes of Conduct) which schools must acknowledge and agree to when initially accessing the password protected members-section of the ASBOF website. It is expected that all schools participating in the ASBOF will read, understand, and acknowledge the current Festival full Terms and Conditions. If you are responsible for accepting Terms and Conditions such as these on behalf of your school and have not seen this aspect of the Entry Process you should contact the General Manager immediately.

The ASBOF would specifically like to bring to your attention the following:

  • The ASBOF is a non-competitive event. All ensembles have the option of being awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze award for the event category in which they choose to enter. Schools are welcome to request an ‘adjudication performance only’ where no award is presented.
  • The ASBOF does not have a set play list. All ensembles are free to choose their own program.
  • All ensembles must play a piece by an Australian composer or arranger (see conditions).
  • All ensembles must use the percussion supplied by the ASBOF unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Please consult the Event Criteria and the Music Previously Played to assist you in your decision.
  • The members of the Festival Advisory Board are available to assist you in your decision.

APRA/AMCOS Information

  • Schools entering students into this event acknowledge that their school is covered by three blanket licences:
    • APRA Schools’ Licence: Public Performance of copyright music
    • AMCOS Schools’ Licence: Photocopying and reproduction of copyright music
    • APRA/AMCOS/ARIA Schools’ Licence: Music recordings and access
  • These licences are administered through a school’s peak governing body. For information on whether your school is currently licensed please contact: print@apra.com.au
  • Under the photocopying licence schools are able to make a limited number of photocopies per original score that they own. All copies made for adjudicators are required to be submitted with the official ASBOF Music Info Cover Sheet which confirms that the school named on this form certifies the copy has been made from their own published edition of the musical work, in reliance of Clauses 10.8 and 18 of APRA/AMCOS “A Practical Copyright Guide to the Use of Print Music in Australia” Third Edition, 2006.
  • The photocopy will be destroyed by the ASBOF at the conclusion of the performance.