Official Photographers: Advanced Life Photography

Advanced Life Photography is a family owned and operated business which specializes in the photography, production and efficient distribution of school, student and family portraiture. In addition to this Advanced Life offer photographic and printing services to commercial, corporate and government organizations.

Advanced Life Photography have been the official photographers of the NSW School Band Festival since 2008 and work closely with the Festival organisers to ensure your experience at the Festival is enjoyable and a quality product is delivered so you may cherish your memories of the event. 

  • All photos take place at the back of the Clancy Auditorium or another designated space for other venues.
  • Once the band has finished performing they will be ushered off stage, lined up and photographed.
  • Parents are free to join the band at this stage, however, you are advised that unnecessary communication with the students at this point prolongs the process.
  • This process usually takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Information regarding payment can be obtained from the representatives of Advanced Life.