Parents/students should meet outside the venue at which the school is scheduled to play. All venues have their own warm up room facilities.

Your group should arrive at the venue on or prior to the arrival time published on the ASBOF website. Your group should remain together and you or your ensemble organiser should make yourselves known to the ASBOF Volunteer staff.

If there is sufficient time and space, students and parents should enter the auditorium and listen to the performances of other groups, however, you should try and remain together in the auditorium so that Festival staff can find you.

If appropriate, we will attempt to have the official photograph  (if photographs are happening at your venue) taken before you enter the warm up room. Approximately 20-30 minutes prior to your performance your group will be taken to a warm up room. Students will leave their cases etc. outside; only instruments and music will be taken into the warm up room. Please ensure no valuables are left with the cases.

The group will move straight from the warm up room to the stage. After your performance the students will move directly from the stage to the official photography area if this has not already taken place.

Students and parents should be encouraged to enter the auditorium and listen to the remainder of the section prior to the adjudication, however, they are free to leave at this stage.

An adjudication will take place at the end of each section (or around every 90 minutes for larger sections).