Music Directors are free to choose the event level they believe most suits their ensemble. The ASBOF is aware that school ensembles may vary in their ability level from year to year and MDs are free to alter the event level they enter to reflect these changes.

As the ASBOF is a non-competitive and educational event, MDs are encouraged to select an event level which will challenge their ensemble, and the individual musicians therein, to continue developing their musical ability. It runs counter to the philosophy of the Festival for MDs to select an event below the ability level of their ensemble in order to ensure a Gold award.

While we understand that parental and school executive pressure to achieve a Gold award is a genuine issue, we believe it is far better if these parties are educated as to the true purpose of performing at the Festival, thus adding to the educational value of this musical experience.

Click the link to download the current event criteria.

Members of the Advisory Board are also available to assist you in making a decision (click link).