It is not permissible for tutors or school staff to play with the ensemble at the Festival. We can, however, make some exceptions for touring groups, and the adjudicator will take this into account when determining the award.

If you experience issues with student absences due to prior commitments or sickness it is permissible for you to engage a student from another school to deputise for your players. In this instance the student would be expected to perform in their home school uniform. The General Manager is available to assist you in contacting schools which will be performing on the same day your ensemble is playing.

If there is an emergency situation and you are unable to perform without the assistance of tutors/school staff, there is the opportunity to perform for the adjudication only. In this instance the audience would be informed and no award would be presented at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the event.

Please contact the General Manager if you have any questions regarding this policy.